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PostLeaf, a new, open source blogging platform

  This open source blogging platform is now in beta. It works in Linux (Ubuntu) so any CTRC ( clients Read More

Placement Report 2015

Comprehensive 2015 Placement Report Placement Report: In 2015 Computer and Technology Resource Center placed 576 computers into the hands of Read More

Free Pickup in East Bay

  Due to the conclusion of a one-year grant from StopWaste Alameda [County], free pickup in the East Bay by Read More

Stopping E-Waste Fraud

Jim Puckett of BAN explains how his organization caught recyclers and manufacturers red-handed in fraudulent e-waste exports By Kristin Musulin Read More

Ubuntu 16.04!

Xubuntu (Ubuntu) 16.04 polishes the desktop. NEW–GNOME Software application You can install the Unity 8 Desktop on Ubuntu. I would say Read More

E-Waste Trends and Obstacles

E-Waste Trends and Obstacles. The recycling industry is in an ongoing battle with the decrease in commodities prices and improper Read More

Where does the electronic waste of America end up

CTRC does not allow any of its downwaste to leave the State of California! Here’s a quote from NPR–“The Read More

Binee, the E-Waste Collection Bin

An E-Waste Collection Bin! Check out this startup!  

Challenges of E-Waste

Don’t be challenged by E-Waste: CTRC offers an easy fix for your e-waste disposal, and you can receive a tax write-off. Read More