Life Scout Joran Sneath, working with CTRC for his Eagle Scout, is a Hero






–from Nikki Silverstein, Pacific Sun, September 3, 2015

The eagle has landed at the Computer & Technology Resource Center (CTRC) in Bel Marin Keys. Joran Sneath, 15, of Novato, is a Life Scout working to achieve the coveted Eagle Scout status by starting a service project at the CTRC, a nonprofit environmental agency that collects and repairs old computers and then donates them to nonprofit groups and folks with low incomes. “In the 21st century it is almost required to have a computer to apply for a job or even do schoolwork,” Sneath says. Help the future Eagle Scout by donating your used computer. Email To learn more about the Computer & Technology Resource Center’s e-waste collection activities and free computer donation program, visit

Hugo Landecker won Zero status by a landslide. Last year, the San Rafael City Council dubbed him citizen of the year, but that moniker is no longer valid. The long-time Gerstle Park resident believes that the homeless want to remain homeless and he wants them to leave town. Drumming up support for a letter-writing campaign to rid San Rafael of the Ritter Center, a nonprofit agency that assists the homeless in our community, Landecker urges the three property owners who lease space to the center to let the leases expire without renewal. He espouses similar vitriol about St. Vincent de Paul Society of Marin. Landecker, close your mouth and put down your poison pen. Try using your time to help homeless people, rather than banish them.