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“The E-Waste Problem”

“The E-Waste Problem and How to Help” was created by Digital Doc.

New Head of EPA

President-Elect Trump to Appoint New Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Head According to the New York Times, these are the leading candidates– Read More

You’ll Never Believe Where Your Old Computer Could End Up After You Hand It In for Recycling

Kevin Lui / Hong Kong @kevinluikf Nov. 11, 2016 Suburban Hong Kong appears to have become the new favorite dumping site Read More

Challenges of E-Waste

Don’t be challenged by E-Waste: CTRC offers an easy fix for your e-waste disposal, and you can receive a tax write-off. Read More

Electronic Waste: On The Disposing Of It

 Electronic Waste: On The Disposing of It (From wikipedia–Electronic waste or e-waste describes discarded electrical or electronic devices. Used electronics Read More

CTRC Fall 2015 Newsletter Out now

The CTRC Fall 2015 Newsletter is now available. This was written by Carl Macki and Arturo Martin. It includes the article about CTRC Read More

Bottled Water: from the Story of Stuff (animation)

Happy Earth Day! Have you thought about the use of bottled water Annie Leonard, who created”The Story of Stuff,” takes Read More

Mining for Rare Earth in China

Unbelievably sad BBC story on the eco disaster going on in Inner Mongolia in the hunt for rare earth and Read More

Radiation from Fukushima Lessening

Radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is dropping, but still beyond the range of levels desired by the Japanese Ministry Read More