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See who is receiving our free computers in 2022 Annual Placement Report Brief

Thank you

We appreciate all the help and donations our volunteers and donors are making to support our activities. In gratitude, The Read More

Are Mattresses Biodegradable?

Photo: Houzz Mattresses: Too Big and Complex to be Biodegradable? By Rick Blanchard Reducing waste of any kind, whether it Read More 620 Page St., Bekeley

We have new neighbors in Berkeley. A “for profit” e-waste collector moved in right across Page St. from us. Make Read More

Recent Donations by CTRC

Donations–We gave 13 complete computer systems to these happy recipients in Berkeley on Saturday, April 28th. Thanks for your help! Read More

Creative Use of E-Waste in Design

Furniture E-Waste Recycling Cubicle 2’ (detail pictured left), 2017, featuring iridescent car paint on CNC-milled and folded aluminium and stainless steel, Read More

New Renewable Energy Plant in Novato

Great news! There is now a Renewable Energy Power Plant Opens At Redwood Landfill In Novato! The gas-to-energy plant at Read More

“The E-Waste Problem”

“The E-Waste Problem and How to Help” was created by Digital Doc.

Thank You Letter from Lynwood School PTA

Letter of Thanks to CTRC! A sincere thank you for our donation to Lynwood School from the Chairman of their PTA. Read More

Apple Vows 100% Recycled Marterials

Apple put out its 2017 Environmental Responsibility Report[PDF]. It promises to end mining and to increase its use of recycled Read More