Know someone who needs a free computer? Maybe you! We give away refurbished computers to schools, non‑profits and others in need

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Who can apply for a free computer

For Individuals: You qualify for a free computer if you are low income, age 18 or older and complete our application form.
For Non‑Profits: We love helping out other non-profits. All we ask is that you provide documentation to support your non-profit status along with a completed application form.
For Schools: Please provide a letter (on your school letterhead) and tell us about your school and your needs, and complete our application form.

How it works

Although our computers were once discarded by their previous owners, our team refurbishes them with added memory, drives and software. These rebuilt PCs are still perfectly suitable for most home, school, and office applications. At this time, we are providing computers with 8GB of RAM or higher, minimum 250GB HDD, with a DVD-ROM drive, 17″ monitor or better, mouse, keyboard, and all necessary cables and connectors. Our refurbished systems all run Xubuntu operating system.

To apply for one or more computers, please complete an application – and then either email, fax, mail, or bring us the completed form in person to one of our locations.

What happens next

Once your application is approved, you will be added to our wait list. Due to high demand, our current wait times are typically 1-3 months. To find out where you are on the waiting list, please call Janny at 510 367-1717 on Saturdays between 10am – 4pm. When your name moves to the top of the list, we will contact you with the details and instructions.

We're proud of working with non‑profits

If you or someone you know needs a free computer, apply today and see what a difference it makes. Below are just a small sampling of some wonderful non‑profit organizations we've worked with over the years. Donate your e‑waste and help make a difference in your community today.

donate your ewaste