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Help with Cell Phones Recycling

With the cost of cell phone and coverage way high in the United States, do not overlook the various cell phone recycling programs available to you.

“Old, broken phones are a hassle. Once damaged or discarded, smartphones just accumulate dust or fill dumpsites to the brim. In 2010 alone, Americans chucked more than 150 million old phones into the trash. How do you get rid of old phones besides adding them to the garbage pile and damaging the environment?

“We have recently increased the efforts in giving back to the community by allocating a portion of our marketing resources to creating educational materials that support our e-cycling advocacy.

“We live in a time when a lot of people have fast-paced lives and want information to be served in a brief but concise manner—hence our infographic.

“It contains tidbits of information regarding cell phone recycling which aims to convince more individuals towards our cause: to stop adding to the 50M tons of e-waste in landfills all over the world.”

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Instead of throwing way your old cell phone, give it to a likely non-profit where it can be it to refurbished and given to someone who can’t afford to buy one.

In addition, Lifeline Assistance, a Federal program, helps those that qualify for food stamps and Medicaid,(or meeting other low-income requirements), to receive free phones and service.

The typical plan comes with 250 free cell phone minutes each month.

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