Climate Justice and the Earth — April 19th

There will be a march for Climate Justice and the Earth on April 19th.

The parade route starts at Justin Herman Plaza at 11:30, and ends at UN Plaza up Market Street.

A rally with speakers starts at 1pm.

This will be a most unusual event.

The Action Parade will be in parts to emphasize a particular message, artistic presentations and “floats” — “Why/Morality Children’s Brigade and faith groups;” Environmental Justice– Impacted Communities, Health impacts of Fossil Fuels — Problems & Dangers; Keystone XL, Fracking, Big Oil; refinery expansions, extreme weather; and Solutions: Solar, Wind, Mass Transit, Bicycles, Electric Vehicles (EV’s); and Resilient Communities, among other topics.

Organizations contact: Rand Wrobel ( (510) 914-2349) or Sara Greenwald (

Volunteers contact : John Anderson (