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E-Waste: The Biggest Problem of the 21st Century?

http://www.pottsmerc.com/lifestyle/20141006/e-waste-may-be-most-pressing-problem-of-the-21st-century With electronic equipment and gadgets the fastest growing waste stream in many countries, how to deal with so-called “e-waste” Read More

CTRC at Nightlife — Cal Academy

from http://www.calacademy.org/events/nightlife/ Let your inspiration run wild as you DIY throughout the museum with the help of the Bay Area Read More

“Away is a Place,” An Essay on E-waste by Jim Plunkett

Some places are better than others. But, with e-waste, the situation may be getting worse. Please read the following essay, Read More

Earth Day Marin

CTRC is a proud sponsor of Earth Day Marin! Earth Day Marin 2014 Fun Family-Friendly Festival Music • Speakers • Read More