Senior Discount for Cable-Telephone-Internet–Are you Happy?

Senior Discount from Comcast?

They are coming to you, but at what price?

Senior Discount Blues

Not much is heard about “Senior Discount’ from the ISPs, it seems, these days.

People, especially millennials, are dropping their cable providers as they are seen as being less cost-effective, and less useful to those with smartphones as the center of their communication ‘hive.’ The cable companies are responding with various initiatives that provide better equipment and services.

We have previously written about Comcast’s Essentials program, which, for example, does not help me, since I have had their services for the previous ninety days.

While I was on the phone with Comcast today, the CSR told me about a senior discount. I asked him when I started. He didn’t know about California, but he said where he was, in Washington, the program started at age sixty-three.

I didn’t even know this offer existed. Furthermore, I was told the offer was not available over the phone. I had to come to a Comcast office and apply in person–basically, to show my identification.

Read comments about a senior discount on the Comcast Forums. It did not sound promising; or if it did, it was reported that the discount would be quite small. We shall see about that.

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