Placement Report 2015

Comprehensive 2015 Placement Report

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Placements by Type

Placement Report: In 2015 Computer and Technology Resource Center placed 576 computers into the hands of low-income individuals, families and the entities that serve them.

In 2015 donations to individuals jumped from 296 to 326.

By donor type:


Individuals: 326
Non-Profits: 210
Schools: 40

Actual Quantities Donated (326) by Individual Type

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Placements by Category

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Disabled 36
Senior/Disabled 60
Senior with Family 25
Veteran/Disabled/Senior 16
Low Income Individual 54
Low Income Family Disabled 48
Low Income Family 87

New Data: Referrals

For outreach purposes, the Placement Dept. has been tracking referrals. Data findings conclude that word-of-mouth is the Number One referral method with referrals from Non-Profits being Number Two. These are the top 8 referrals for 2015.

Word of Mouth/Friend: 48
St. Mary’s Center: 30
St. Matthew’s: 30
Shared Hope: 12
Courageous Women: 15
Paradise Church: 11
Tabling/City of Oakland Senior Day: 10
Canal Alliance: 9
Unknown 76

2015 Geographic Statistics

Top 3 counties: Alameda: 276 Marin: 160 Contra Costa: 24

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Placements by City

Top Eight Cities and Quantities

Oakland: 217
Novato: 91
San Rafael: 49
Berkeley: 23
Richmond: 15
San Francisco: 14

New Cities Served

Desert Hot Springs
Discovery Bay
Foster City
Santa Cruz
Walnut Creek

New Non-profits and Schools

Adas Medical Training School, Snellville, GA
Ariel Outreach Mission
Global Garden Project, San Francisco
MyClymond’s High School, Special Ed Dept., Oakland Ca
Mercy Housing California, Santa Rosa
Novato High School, Novato CA
Paradise Baptist Church, Oakland CA
We’re Here Nonprofit, Palmdale
Heart of Compassion, Burlingame, CA
Conservation Corp Northbay, Novato CA

Out of Area Donations

30 computers were donated to Economic Development Foundation, an organization that supports poor communities in Liberia. 12 computers were donated to new non profit “We’re Here” based in Palmdale serving low-income youth by providing academic and employment support. 20 computers were donated to new non-profit Adas Medical Training School located in Snellville, Georgia. All three non-profits identified a local individual for pick up.

2016 Placement Objectives

1. Placement goal for 2015 – 500 qty. (pending ongoing monthly equipment analysis and staff and volunteer capacity).
2. Capitalizing on word-of-mouth, we have started sending a second application with the initial one, asking the applicant to give the second application to a friend.
3. Also, for Marin County recipients, we have begun asking recipients to bring a friend with an income verification to their appointment. In January 2016, and we were able to give an additional three computers using the “bring a friend” method.
4. We are receiving an unusual number of applicants from the Sacramento area. We are working with several individuals who has been designated to pick up computers for their neighbors living in low-income apartment complexes.
5. To minimally boost e-waste flow, the Placement Dept.has begun reminding recipients that they can bring their monitors and televisions when they pick up their computer. We have added a phrase to our individual application and our approval letters letting recipients know to bring their e-waste to their appointment.
4. Letters will go out to on-going organizations to determine their need this year. Staff will take advantage of opportunities to advertise the program. (For example, recently, we connected with an aide from Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson, who will advertise our program in his

placementreportgraphic5Alan, from Sacramento, happy to pick up more free computers for his neighbors