e-Stewards mobile app

The environmental watchdog group Basel Action Network has launched a mobile app that will measure the positive environmental impacts of using e-Stewards Certified Recyclers to manage electronic waste.

The e-Stewards Global Impact Calculator app, currently available on the Apple Store for free, provides three different metrics of sustainability:

  • Greenhouse gases avoided;
  • Toxic metals diverted from landfill or global dumping; and
  • Valuable and precious metals recovered.

BAN created the e-Stewards program for ethical recycling of e-waste after discovering that as much as 80 percent of used electronics delivered to recyclers is not recycled but rather loaded onto container ships and sent to primitive scrapping operations in Africa or China.

The e-Stewards Global Impact Calculator is but one of numerous business-friendly tools and programs created by and for the e-Stewards community to foster sustainable electronic waste management. It will soon be available for Android operating systems.

For more information contact:

Basel Action Network
Jim Puckett, Executive Director
+1 (206) 652-5555

E-Stewards Certification is the only standard that forbids export of toxic e-waste to developing countries, the use of prison and child labor, and the deposit of toxic e-waste in municipal landfills or incinerators. It is also recognized for ensuring that private data from electronic devices does not get released, and recycling workers are protected from toxic exposure.
Earlier this month WarpSpeed Innovations has become an e-Stewards Enterprise and committed to pursue environmentally responsible recycling practices for e-waste.