Marin Homeless Shelter Will NOT Close Until Winter

Photo: Ed Yourdon

Mill Street, a shelter run by the nonprofit, Homeward Bound of Marin, providing housing and other services to the homeless for over twenty-five years, will NOT close on April 15th for the spring, summer and fall, as erroneously reported by Bay Area Fox  TV Station KTVU.


A temporary stay at Mill Street is necessary to qualify for enrollment in New Beginnings, a larger facility for the homeless in Novato, a city located just north of San Rafael.

What is closing down for the seasons is the “rotating emergency shelter” program that is run by the St. Vincent de Paul Society and several local churches, to help the homeless get housing during the winter

Talk of a another for the homeless has been discussed, the most likely location being Marin Square along Bellam Boulevard in east San Rafael. It is unclear whether local County and City governments will take action to address this issue soon.

It is estimated there are approximately 933 homeless in Marin County, with another 3,888  “precariously housed.”

See Nels Johnson’s article in the Marin Independent Journal  04/13/2014 —