Follow these instruction to apply for a free computer through our Placement Dept.

  1. Get an application - there are three ways:
    • Download and print from this website (school, non-profit, or individual,)
    • Mail us a self-addressed business size envelope and we will mail an application to you
    • Pick one up in person at either location
      • MCRC, Attn: Placement Dept.
      • 42 Digital Drive #3, Novato CA 94949
  2. Complete and sign the application.
    • For Individuals: Attach a copy of your income, unemployment stub, public assistance or SSI letter.
    • For non-profits and schools: Follow the instructions on the appropriate application
  3. Drop off or mail the application to MCRC (42 Digital Drive #3, Novato CA 94949)
Waiting times:

Other than Marin County we are experiencing a higher than nomal wait time - 6 months or more. For Marin County applicants: the waiting period is 1-2 months.

Please Note:

If we receive an application with issues, we will contact you. If your application is approved, we will put you on the waiting list. We don't contact you but you can call us on Saturdays for a status (ask for Janny).

Applications without proof of income will not be approved.

We are currently donating the following configuration:

Pentium Class IV desktop computer or better, 1 gig of ram, at least a 20 gig harddrive with a CD drive, a CRT Monitor, a mouse and a keyboard. The computers are only tested with high speed internet service via ethernet. It comes loaded with Ubuntu LINUX, a full featured operating system and sofware package. We DO NOT donate laptops, speakers, flat (LCD) screen monitors or printers.


To apply for one or more computers, please print one of our three placement applications: school, non-profit, or individual, and then fax, mail, or bring us the completed form.


We survived the busy holiday - thank you all for the donations!


In addition to electronics, we also accept donations of actual currency :)

You can use the button to the right to donate online via PayPal, or drop something into our donation jar at our facility.


We will come to your location and pick-up your electronic equipment. If you or your business is located in the City of Berkeley, we do not charge a pick-up fee. For elswhere in the Bay Area, please see our Fee List for details and charges.

If you would like to schedule a pickup, please call us at (510) 528-4052.


Check out our sister facility, Marin County Recycling Center at